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You can find Frequently Asked Questions in this section. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us with your queries.

Section 1: Purchasing

1. What payment options do you offer?
We offer two options:
i. Direct Bank-in.
ii. Use PayPal as a payment gateway for order total of RM50 and above only. Major Credit and Debit cards are accepted.

2. How to complete an order at CatsnDogs.my?
For a quick guide on steps to complete an order, kindly refer How to Buy.

3. How to complete bank-in payment?
Please refer to steps at Completing by way of bank in payment.

4. What happens if there are pricing errors or omissions after payment?
We take every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on our web site. When errors are discovered, we will correct them. Be advised that CatsnDogs.my reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, including after an order has been submitted, after it has been confirmed, or after your credit card has been charged. If we discover a pricing error after your credit card has been charged and your order is cancelled as a result of the error, your credit card will be refunded back the full amount of your order. You will be notified via email if your order has been cancelled and be given the opportunity to place the order at the correct price. Please note that individual bank policies vary when the amount is credited back to your account. Prices and availability are subject to change without prior notice.

5. I did not receive any order updates. What happened?
The update emails could be in your junk/spam mail, or an invalid email address was entered during signup preventing emails from reaching you. Kindly contact us to check your status.

6. How to track my order?
After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email detailing your shipment. As items are shipped, we will send you emails detailing the shipments and tracking numbers. You can also keep track of your order and shipping information online.
1. Click on My Account or Order Tracking at the top and bottom of any page.
2. Sign in using your email address and password.
3. Under My Previous Order, select the specific order you wish to view. Refer Shipping and Returns for courier specific tracking facilities.

7. Can I cancel or modify my order?
After you have placed an order, there is a time frame (before its printed for processing) in which you can cancel or modify it. To see if an order can be cancelled:
1. Sign in to Your Account.
2. Under the My Previous Orders section, locate the order you would like to cancel or modify.
3. If the status is Pending, you can email to us at the supplied email address in the confirmation email to cancel or modify your order. If your order status is shipped, you cannot cancel or modify your order.
4. If you wish to return the item you purchased, please go to Shipping and Return section for more information.

8. Can I modifying my shipping address after I made an order?
There is a limited amount of time available for modifying the shipping address of an order. To see if your order can be modified:
1. Sign in to Your Account.
2. Under the Previous Orders section, locate the order you would like to modify. If the status is Pending, you can email to us the supplied email address in the confirmation email to modify your shipping address. If your order status is shipped, you cannot modify your shipping address.

9. Can I make payment at Pos Office or other agent?
We do not authorize any 3rd party agents to do payment collection. Payment methods authorized are directly at CatsnDogs.my physical stores, Bank-in (as in order invoice) or Paypal.

10. Can I receive my order during weekend?
Usually there is no delivery on weekends provided by courier companies. However sometimes the courier company will send on special arrangements, we suggest contacting the courier office in your area directly as soon as you received the tracking info from us.

11. Can I order in bulk amounts for resale and receive discounts?
Only item in Specials are available for discounts. For other products, no matter how many you intended to purchase, all items are fixed price. We are not suppliers. We are retailers. No haggling please. :)

12. Can I make order by Phone or Facebook Page?
We only accept orders online at our website. You will be given a valid invoice number and details of your order. We do NOT provide order taking facilities by phone/sms/FB or fax.

Section 2: Shipping

1. What countries do you ship to?
Our main customers are in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. We do ship worldwide. For other countries, you can contact us for a shipping quotation if you wish to have your purchase shipped to regions other than the ones listed above.

2. How to estimate shipping?
You can estimate shipping by just adding your item into shopping cart, then mouse over to your shopping cart and click the 'shopping cart' button. Then, select your county and state and click 'update'.

3. I cannot proceed checkout at the shipping stage. Why?
The online shopping system does not calculate shipping rates for certain areas in the world. You can contact us for shipping arrangements if you wish to purchase in these regions.

4. Which countries will the online ordering system calculate shipping to?
Currently the ordering system will only calculate to addresses in Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei. You can contact us for shipping arrangements for countries not listed.

5. How long does it take to receive my orders?
Please refer to Shipping and Returns.

6. If I purchased other items together with the free shipping items, do I have to pay shipping charges?
You just have to pay shipping charges for the other items even though the parcel is packed together. We will inform you about the shipping method for your free shipping item and how many parcels you will sign for.

7. I chose express courier service but why it took so long to arrive at my delivery address?
The arrival of your order depends on your location, local pick up time (from the courier office to the processing centre) and working days. For example, shipping from Kulim to Kelantan will take longer time than to Kuala Lumpur. Once your parcel has been dropped at the post office or the courier service office, we have no control to expedite the shipping process. Please be patient and consider all the factors above.

Section 3: Security and Privacy

1. Why do I need to create a CatsnDogs.my account?
The CatsnDogs.my account is for your tracking and record purposes. By having the account, you will be able to save address book and shop faster, track orders, review previous orders, subscribe to newsletters and be entitled to promotions only available to members.

2. Are my personal details safe?
CatsnDogs.my is committed to protecting the privacy of our customer. You can review our privacy policy here. Should you wish to have your account and personal detail be removed, you can contact us and we will remove it for you.

3. Is my online credit card payment transaction secure?
Yes it is secure. Online credit card payment is done directly over PayPal's secure payment gateway on an encrypted SSL/TLS connection. No sensitive credit card detail is ever passed on or stored at CatsnDogs.my website at any time.

Section 4: Misc

1. Do you sell pets?
Catsndogs.my company policy is to support and promote adoption, as such we DO NOT sell pets at the site.

2. I tried to purchase 10 shampoos in my cart but the system only show and calculate for 5 shampoos. Why?
The site keeps track of stocks available at the moment. For your instance, only 5 shampoos were in stock, as such you can only purchase 5 at that time. It is set up to prevent any misunderstanding due to sold out items.

3. My calculated shipping cost is quoted as over RM500.00! Why?
Probably because you have ordered multiple heavy or bulky items that had exceeded the maximum weight of 1 packaging (over 30kgs total). The system defaults to maximum values. You can order the large items in separate checkouts to separate it into different packaging and re-calculate the shipping cost again. For big or heavy orders such as these, you can also contact us and an employee will contact and guide you on alternatives to place your order.

4. Do you have Drop-Shipping program?
We do not have a Drop-Shipping program. There is no plan to do so in the near future.

5. Can I pre-order for the out of stock item?
Pre-order is currently not available. We currently sell items that are already stocked and on-hand in our stores.

6. I have emailed CatsnDogs.my support team but there's no reply. Why?

It could be because the answer to your question is already in FAQ & Guide, or

Your question was not related to any business dealings, or

Your offer did not gain interest from any dept


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