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0.5 DT72781 Dogit Luvz Plush Cow Toy Mother Cow

Dogit Luvz Plush Cow Toy Mother Cow

Dogit Luvz Cow Toys - Moove over and make room for the coolest cows in the neighborhood. Each one is sporting his or her own personal style. This collection of loveable dog toys for small and large dog breeds are exclusively designed by Hagen, and are made from soft plush fabric and contain an inner squeaker that makes stimulating sounds that dogs love.

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0.5 DT1124 Kong Extreme Power Chewers, Large

Kong Extreme Power Chewers, Large

KONG Extreme represents the most durable version of our original KONG toy. The ultra-strong, ultra-durable, black rubber compound is recommended for the most powerful chewer. Perfect for stuffing with treats Helps reduce boredom and separation anxiety for powerful chewers Unpredictable bounce for games of fetch Used worldwide by police, drug enforcement and military K-9 teams Also used by...

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0.5 DT3136 Pet Point 3 Knot Rope Dog Toy with Ball, L

Pet Point 3 Knot Rope Dog Toy with Ball, L

Made from 100% Cotton and biodegradable material. While provides hours of healthy play and bonding it helps maintain healthy teeth. Reduces plaque build up, prevents gum disease. Machine washable. Measures approximately 49cm. Comes in various colors.

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1 DT0172 KONG Large Genius Mike

KONG Large Genius Mike

The KONG Genius Mike is named in honour of genius Michelangelo and is designed to stimulate a dog's curiosity and hold its attention. This toy is great for helping to combat boredom and separation anxiety and can be used as a treat-dispensing toy on its own or connected to the Genius Leo for an increased challenge. Genius toys are great for puppies and adult dogs alike. Reduces boredom and...

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1.5 DT4003 KONG Large Wobbler

KONG Large Wobbler

The Wobbler is a KONG-shaped food dispensing toy and feeder that sits upright until pushed with a dog's paw or nose, then dispenses treats as it wobbles, spins and rolls. The unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for seasoned Wobbler users. Use the Wobbler as an alternative to a dog bowl and to help extend mealtime and exercise your dog. Made of FDA food-approved, high-strength,...

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