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0.02 CLL0532 Angel Flea Kitten Collar

Angel Flea Kitten Collar

Keep fleas away from your kitten. Suitable for kitten 2 weeks age and above. Effectively keep fleas away up to 2 months. Collar measurement approximately 16 - 24cm Length. Collar comes with a cute little bell.

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0.05 PF50450 Catit Gourmet Lightweight Double Kitten Dish

Catit Gourmet Lightweight Double Kitten Dish

The Catit Gourmet Lightweight Double Kitten Dish is lightweight, easy to clean, and durable. It is perfect to train kitten to wean. Catit Gourmet Lightweight Kitten Dish, Marine Blue. Square shape, 24cm L x 12cm W x 3.5cm H.

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0.05 CT3002 KONG Kitten Kickeroo

KONG Kitten Kickeroo

Watch your cat attack, wrestle and snuggle with its KONG Kitten Kickeroo. This unique toy appeals to a cat's instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. The Kickeroo's size, shape and material were specially chosen to promote wrestling and hind-paw kicking. The fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement. The Kitten Kickeroo contains KONG's potent North American catnip, so fully grown...

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0.02 N016 Silicone Teat

Silicone Teat

A replacement teat/nipple for Harts Nursing Bottle, N011 and Big Boss Nursing Bottle, N015.

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