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17.9 CL50922 Catit Littershield Pan Set, medium, Violet

Catit Littershield Pan Set, medium, Violet

Catit Littershield Cat Pan is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and durable. The littershield cover ensures that the litter is retained inside the pan. Catit Littershield Cat Pan, Medium. Colour: Marble Blue cover with Violet base. Base size: 47.5 cm L x 37.5 cm W x 11 cm H. *Product weight is measured in Volumetric Weight.

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0.5 GS8146 Chitocure Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo 480mL

Chitocure Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo 480mL

CHITOCURE Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo is formulated to condition dry, irritated skin and relieve itching at the same time. Combined with Chitosan and extracts of Chamomile、Witch Hazel & Raspberry, it will protect your pets’ skin from inflammation and alleviate allergy. The Immortelle extract can stimulate immune system to eliminate allergen and promote defense. It also aids in the healing...

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0.02 FT010 Christmas Costume for cats

Christmas Costume for cats

Merry Christmas to all! Here at we have a very cute Christmas costume for your furry buddy. Suitable for family photography session and party! This Christmas costume is hand made and fits petite cats to large cats as well as small dogs. Neck measurement: 33cm and Length 18cm.

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8 PFP5009 Combo Pet Feeder and Waterer, Pink

Combo Pet Feeder and Waterer, Pink

This Combo Pet Feeder and Waterer is ideal for storing food and water. Great for both dogs and cats. Gets rid of the inconvenience of having two separate bowls and is easy to clean! Fits most PET bottle. PET bottle not included. The food container can hold dry food up to 1.8kg and you can adjust the food flow. Now, you can leave your pets without worry knowing they have enough food and water....

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1.6 PF73752 Dogit Elevated Dog Dish-Black, Large - 900ml (30.4 fl oz)

Dogit Elevated Dog Dish-Black, Large - 900ml (30.4 fl oz)

Designed to provide a more comfortable eating or drinking position, the Dogit Elevated Dog Dish is perfect for large dogs, older dogs, or dogs with muscle or joint problems. The stainless steel insert removes for easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe. Dogit Elevated Dog Dish-Black, Large. Height 17cm (6.7"). Capacity: 900mL (30.4 fl oz). Dishwasher safe.

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1.6 PW73732 Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish, Black, Large

Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish, Black, Large

The specially designed Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Dish encourages your pet to eat or drink at a slower pace. This slower pace helps reduce excess air intake, leading to improved digestion and reducing the risk of bloat. The Dogit Anti-Gulping Dog Dish can be used as either a water or food dish (suitable for wet or dry food). Key Features: Great solution for dogs who eat and drink quickly...

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6.5 CL0168 Ever Clean Extra Strength, Scented, 14lb, 6kg

Ever Clean Extra Strength, Scented, 14lb, 6kg

Features a fresh, clean scent that is released on contact with moisture, so it works when it's needed. Extra Strength Scented Box New Odor-Neutralizing Carbon Plus Grabs & Holds Odor Odor-Neutralizing Carbon is bonded to premium clay granules. Carbon eliminates odors by grabbing and holding them to its surface. Inhibits Odor An antimicrobal agent is added to inhibit the growth of odor-causing...

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0.5 BKT Feline T, Bad Kitty

Feline T, Bad Kitty

Our designer cat tees are for the hippest kitties around. Our tees are hand-crafted in the USA. Each tee is crafted of 100% combed ring-spun cotton. Constructed with durability in mind: double-needle ribbed binding on neck, armholes and bottom. This tee are both comfortable and machine- washable. Our feline tees are suitable for feline with the weight of 2kg – 4kg. Limited stock. Grab one for...

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